Friday, June 6, 2014

Feelin' 23 - so what Taylor Swift?

Soooo - I turn 23 tomorrow.

Yeah, I don't expect you to read that and feel anything. Turning 23 has no fireworks. Let's break down all the exciting numbers you turn and what they mean.

Turning 10

Turning 10 meant you were finally out of the single digits. I remember that birthday. I was at the beach with my family. We stayed at a beach house in New Smyrna each summer so I always got to spend my birthday that way. I remember walking into the room and my family was sitting around the beige-colored table in the kitchen area with grins on their faces as they awaited my reaction to all the presents, cake and decorations. I took my seat and looked up and there was a giant cardboard sign on the wall that read,

"Happy 10th Birthday!"

It was so satisfying to have my age take up more room on a piece of paper than ever before.

Turning 13

Turning 13 meant I was a teenager and I could watch PG-13 movies. Looking back, it's funny that turning 13 meant you were suddenly mature enough to see the sex, violence and party scenes that were so popular in those films.

Turning 16

Okay, moving on. Turning 16 was exciting for the obvious reasons. I could drive - well I should have been able to. There was a slight problem with me getting my drivers license -- okay you beat it out of me. I failed my drivers test twice which meant I didn't see my license until I was 17. I'll be sure to share that story with you another time. Or just ask my mom. Oh - she will tell it and give you a bonus DVD for the "deleted scenes."

Turning 18

Turning 18 was great because you could try and use that against your parents when they tried to tell you what to do.

" I'm 18 and you can't tell me what to do because I'm an A.D.U.L.T!"

That never actually worked for me but at least I had a reason to try. This is also the year most people leave the nest. For me, it was when I moved to Nashville for college. This was also the year I may or may not have dated the British drummer/audio engineer/Vanessa Hudgens' ex boyfriend. Again, another story for another day.

Turning 20

Turning 20 was fun because it's the year I was no longer a TEENAGER. There was a level of pride involved when I told someone my age and no longer had to include the suffix, "teen.". I felt people respected me more. But they probably didn't.

Turning 21

Turning 21 - well need I say more?

Turning 22

Turning 22 - Taylor Swift had a song about it the year I did turn 22. I absolutely hated that song but I blasted it all day. Then after my 22nd was over I went back to hating the song.

I kind of wish she'd write one about being 23.

And Now

So now that brings us to this year. 23. 2-3. TWENTY-THREE. I feel NOTHING. Nothing at all.

So I decided to make a reason to be an awesome year. That's why I'm starting a blog. When you turn 23, you start a blog. It's a new thing and you should try it if you're turning 23.

Anyway, this was a long post just to tell you why this birthday really doesn't feel special and I'll have to wait another 2 years before a meaningful birthday - 25 is pretty cool. Five years away from 30 and no longer considered being in your "early twenties." It's a possible that realization will make me cry, but at least I'll feel some type of emotion."

Let me know what your favorite birthday was or your least favorite and why?

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  1. 30 was my favorite. By 30, you've climbed the success hill for a while, had some humbling falls, and come out the other end with a more solid understanding of who you are and who you really want to become...not only in the world eye, but in your heart. Suddenly, things that mattered in your twenties feel and look different. You begin to choose organizing your closet over going out on the town. The simple life starts to sound better than the extravagant one...less bills, less things to maintain, less attachment so you can see the world, and more. I'm 35 now, and would say the 30's are the best years of my life so far. I'm finally, ME. ~Tammy (sis) ;)